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How to Build Your Fantasy Premier League Team

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is a popular game that lets users act as manager to a virtual Premier League football team. Players earn points based on real-life performances, and each week they must choose fifteen players from a set budget. You can only choose three players from one team at a time, so it’s important to consider summer internationals when building your initial squad. Then, monitor teamsheets from recent friendlies to see if anyone you’ve been eyeing plays.

One such player is Harry Kane, who has been on holiday in Lanzarote. His Instagram account shows him enjoying an English buffet while on holiday. His FPL lineup is also full of other foreigners, including Christian Benteke, who has been in Lanzarote. However, in FPL, he’s benched for the early kick-off, while Christian Benteke has been playing in the Premier League despite not being in his home country. But if you’re looking for a good fantasy tan, you can’t go wrong with either of these players.

To earn points in FPL, you need to build your team carefully. First, you have to register. After that, you’ll need to select 15 players from across the Premier League. Once you’ve selected your 15 players, you can move on to the next ‘Gameweek’. You must select your starting XI within a hundred-pound budget, and you’ll need to keep an eye on your players’ performance.

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