Social Media and Shopping Behavior of Emirati College Students

The use of social media has risen tenfold in the last decade to become one of the most effective marketing tools used by marketers to communicate their product and service offerings to customers. Moreover, it is an excellent way for companies to monitor and track customer feedbacks about their products and services in real time barder.

Several studies have shown that social media has a profound impact on purchasing decisions and consumer behaviors, especially with the use of live streaming or celebrity endorsements. However, there is a lack of research that focuses on the specific impacts of social media on the shopping behavior of consumers in specific markets and countries (Hajli et al., 2017).

In this study, the researchers aimed to assess the influence of social media on buying behavior of Emirati college students. They surveyed the use of social media by Emirati college students in the UAE using a quantitative approach. The researcher also sought to capture the guided insights on how social media affects the buying decision of these students jigaboo.

Results and Findings

In order to establish the relationship between social media and shopping behavior of Emirati college students, the first research question was formulated to explore the role of social media on online food ordering by Emirati college students. The researchers conducted an online survey to collect data on the frequency of food order using different social media platforms. They also asked the respondents to share their experiences with food ordering online and how they used social media to access information about food quality distresses.

85% of the respondents agreed that they frequently turn to social media when they want to purchase products and services from the internet. They also tended to agree that they were influenced by the reviews of people who had purchased the same product. In addition, they tended to adopt a neutral position about the importance of social media as a tool for information sharing about different products and services (see pie-charts 1-4) precipitous.

The second research question was to examine whether social media has impacted the decision making process in the purchasing equation by Emirati college students. It was found that social media has significantly affected the purchase decision making by Emirati college students.

This is because social media has facilitated a two-way flow of information that has allowed users to interact with their friends and other potential customers about different products and services. This has resulted in the development of a dynamic and systematic advertisement landscape mypba.

According to Hajli (2017), social media has facilitated a paradigm shift in the manner in which information is presented about different products and services to prospective customers. This has shifted the decision making process of prospective customers from being passive to active doithuong.

Interestingly, this is the only study to examine the relationship between social media and the purchasing decision of Emirati college students. The findings of this study are highly relevant for both business and educational institutions in the UAE as they provide valuable insights on the role of social media on the buying decision of these students.

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