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The Best Racing Games of All Time

The best racing games of all time are the ones you played as a kid. They provide a great sense of achievement as you conquer the track and earn points. The genre has been dominated by simulations since the 90s, but today you can play games that are just as realistic as their real-world counterparts. We’ve compiled the best racing games for you to enjoy. You’ll have a blast playing these classics or even discover new ones!

Arcade racing games were one of the most popular types of video games. Typically, you have to outrun your opponents’ cars and beat their time to win. Some of them even featured a video camera that projected a driver’s face. One of my favorite arcade racing games was the one that featured Bill Murray screaming “It’s Williams Number One!” in the middle of a race! It was a great tribute to Villeneuve, the driver in the game who was the only one with a licensed name.

While we’ve already mentioned the first Mario Kart, we’ve also had to include the game’s sequel, TOCA 2. Toca 2 was a major upgrade over the original and improved the handling of each car. High-speed tracks like Thruxton became real nail-biting events, and the support series races introduced new cars like Fiestas and Formula Fords. The game also brought in a number of new cars, including the Lister Storm.

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